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Written By Erwin News on 10 February 2012 | 2/10/2012

Erwin News - 737-800 type aircraft Boeing Business Jet 2 has been handed over to the government of Indonesia, but still in the form of vacancies. 

Indonesia will have a presidential aircraft in August next year

Caircraft valued at USD 91,209,560.61 (approximately USD 814 billion), made ​​in a factory Boeing Company, completed the green aircraft stage, and was handed over to the government of Indonesia. 

Lambock V Nahattands, Secretary of the Ministry Secretariat of State, said the budget for the purchase of the fuselage that was paid and for the interior cabin and security systems. 

"We already have a presidential plane with the form of green aircraft. Because the payment is paid off, the plane was there, was handed to us on January 21 last in Seattle, United States, "said Lambock, at a press conference at the Main Building Kemsesneg, today.  

Purchased aircraft is the Boeing Business Jet 737-800 type 2, based on the purchase agreement signed by the Ministry of the State Secretariat and the Boeing Company on December 27, 2010.  

"The plane is coming in August 2013," said Lambock.
The budget for green aircraft is USD 58.6 million and was paid in three stages of the payment, which in 2010 amounted to USD 11.72 million, in 2011 of USD 10.28 million, and last in January 2012 amounted to USD 36.6 million. 

 There are still vacancies 

Green aircraft (vacancies) is a plane that has been finished and ready to fly but have not been equipped with a cabin interior and security.
Next will be the installation of six tanks by Pats Aircraft System so that the aircraft can fly non-stop 10 to 12 hours and be completed by April 2012.
Lambock said after the installation of six tanks, further work is the completion of the interior cabin of U.S. $ 27 million and USD 4.5 million worth of security systems. 

Lambock stresses for the procurement of these aircraft is approved by finance ministers through the multiyear contract (contract number of years). 

Government chose Boeing because in terms of operational and maintenance pilot in the country, including the Air Force pilots are better prepared and familiar with the aircraft manufacturer's production. 

In addition it is also widely used Boeing aircraft for VVIP flights countries in the world. 

Criteria and specifications that must be met presidential plane is a plane capable of flying away for 10-12 hours, aircraft capable of landing at a small airport, has a capacity corresponding to the presidential entourage (more or less 70 people). In addition, the presidential aircraft should also have navigation equipment, communications, inflight entertainment and cabin insulation specifically.

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