Protected from harm due to breast

Written By Erwin News on 14 February 2012 | 2/14/2012

Erwin NewsA woman who holds the world record for having the biggest breasts, which is the size of 38KKK, survived the crash thanks to a measure of 'jumbo' of the breasts. 31-year-old woman named Sheyla Hershey, who said that her breasts had saved his life when the car he was driving crashed into a tree.

Hershey whose real name Sheyla Almeida Hershey and also the record holder of the Guinness World Record for the largest breasts of women with Brazil is said that when he lost control when she drove her husband after a Super Bowl party, and finally crashed into a tree. And note also this woman while driving is not wearing a seat belt because the breasts are too big.

He said that the airbag in a Ford Mustang that he drove did not inflate during a crash. When that happens, usually the driver will get a serious injury. But for Sheyla Hershey, he claims that he survived thanks to the super-sized breasts a natural airbag when the event.

"My breasts are very sore and injured. But I know I will be severely injured without it, because my breasts while driving very close to the steering wheel," he added. The accident itself occurred after he admitted himself to take medicine for depression, bipolar disorder and vicodin drug to relieve headache and back pain that caused.

As a result, after the accident, Sheyla Hershey had to face the examination and finally got the charges of driving under the influence of drugs and was arrested at the scene. And he must pay a fine of U.S. $ 1,781 or about USD 16 million and must attend the hearing March 28, 2012 in Montgomery County Court, Texas, USA.

It would be nice if when you are feeling unwell and was taking better first break. Because the drugs we take we must know what the side effects and at least follow the advice contained in the drug, so that undesirable events like Sheyla is not repeated.

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