Men Dressed Woman succumbs to the Red!

Written By Erwin News on 28 February 2012 | 2/28/2012

Erwin News - Steal the people we love must have its own challenges. And if that is successful must have hearts very happy right? Actually, you know there are easier ways to steal the attention of men.
Frequently used Arna red dress and wear a red dress when there is a specific event. It will attract great attention to the man you estimate, how could you?

Red dressed woman not only look good in front of her partner, but also captured the men around him. They want to know you a little closer.

According to the study, a woman dressed in red to a more desirable figure men.
In the study, the researchers showed images of a woman whose face is quite attractive wearing red on a group of male students (first group). Whereas the second group, male students are given pictures of women beautiful flawless, but wearing a blue top.

Furthermore, both groups of men were asked, if he met a woman, the question of what to say. Apparently, the respondents who rated photographs of women dressed in red to choose questions that seem fun and flirty.
In the second test, the respondents are shown the photographs and they are given the opportunity to talk with the woman in the photos when they go into a private room. Each man was told to take one of two seats and thus determine where they would sit in front of her when it comes.

Those who have seen photographs of women who wear red clothing to put their chairs closer to the place that they think will be occupied by the woman's red dress. In other words, they moved closer.

Para peneliti AS percaya fenomena ini berakar dalam evolusi, dengan merah menandakan adanya kesempatan mencari pasangan yang menarik.

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