Here's The German President's resignation

Written By Erwin News on 18 February 2012 | 2/18/2012

Erwin News -  German President Christian Wulff resigned yesterday after the alleged abuse of power arise. Resignation, according to a man 52 years old, had to be done because the Germans had not believed it. "It's hard for me to pass on responsibilities as president," said Wulff, accompanied by his wife, Bettina, told reporters in Berlin.

He admitted to having made ​​mistakes, "but I was always sincere," said the former deputy of the ruling Christian Democratic Union, it is. Wulff began to waver from the position of the daily Bild on December 13 last year. The newspaper blamed Wulff received home loans with low interest rates worth 500 thousand euros, or USD 5.9 billion, from a wealthy businessman's wife, Egon Geerkens.

The incident occurred in 2008 when Wulff was prime minister in the State of Lower Saxony. The incident is already smelled many parties. In a trial, the Lower Saxony parliament asked him about business ties between Wulff and Geerkens. Wulff stressed Geerkens not have a relationship with, and deliberately keep information about the credit.

The situation is getting hot after Wulff forcing out chief editor Kai Diekmann Bild cancel publication of the article. Last Thursday, the prosecutor of the State of Lower Saxony asked Bunderstag, or the lower house of Germany, Wulff revoke legal immunity as a head of state. "There is already strong evidence to examine Wulff officially," said prosecutors in their official website.

Precarious conditions in the country Germans were forced Chancellor Angela Merkel to cancel his meeting with Italian Prime Minister Mario Monty, to discuss Europe's debt crisis. Although regret the resignation of Wulff, Merkel respect that decision. "He has worked for the benefit of all of Germany," Merkel said.

Untuk menemukan pengganti Wulff, Merkel akan bekerja sama dengan partai oposisi. "Kami akan berkonsultasi dengan Partai Sosial Demokratik dan Partai Hijau agar ada konsensus untuk menentukan Presiden Jerman mendatang," ujar Merkel. Langkah yang jarang terjadi itu dilakukan agar Merkel dapat berfokus menangani krisis Eropa, tanpa diganggu masalah dalam negeri.

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