Worst Cities for Housing

Written By Erwin News on 16 February 2012 | 2/16/2012

Erwin News - Here is a bad city to live in based on a survey from Mercer.

  •      Baghdad (Iraq)
  •      Bangui (Central African Republic)
  •      N'Djamena (Chad)
  •      Port-au-Prince (Haiti)
  •      Khartoum (Sudan)

According to Mercer senior researcher, "Most of the city that has a low value is there in a country with high crime rates, frequent riots, as well as weak law enforcement." In addition, these cities have economic and political conditions are unstable, and the target of local and foreign terrorist attacks.

Baghdad ranks the worst, namely 221, due to weak enforcement of safety and the number of terrorist acts. Bangui (220), the largest city in the Central African Republic, considered bad because the city is destroyed by the rebellion.

Port-au-Prince who is in the order (218) 2010 years ago, hit by a major earthquake. Predicted, 230 thousand people become victims.

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