Curly hair is a scene Katy Perry

Written By Erwin News on 18 February 2012 | 2/18/2012

Erwin News - Elegant as on the red carpet, Katy Perry Grammys kicked off the event with curly hair boards.

Katy Perry is known pop diva has always created a sensation through personal news about yourself, video clips, music lyrics, to his stage performances.

We do not currently want to comment on the "tragedy" Katy changing new songs "Part of Me" to poke fun at her ex-husband, Russell Brand, at the Grammys last.

What we want to comment on is, curly hair boards Katy Perry on stage.

Previously, when crossing the red carpet, Katy posing with a sparkling gown chapel rival reporters camera flash lights that night. From a glamorous impression is sweet, Katy "mutated" to be like this on stage.

From a glamorous impression is sweet, Katy "mutated" to be like this on stage.

Curly hair blue boards, combined with the futuristic-themed latex clothing. Whether this represents a future that is right for Katy Perry - by applying the hair very opposite of the previous impression on the red carpet?

Katy does not necessarily do it in search of attention Russell Brand. But for us, look with hair like this experiment only once. Would be strange if he re-emerged more eccentric, while Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga are "expert" about the strange appearance of belonging to the stage.

How do you think?

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