6 ways to make coffee more delicious

Written By Erwin News on 28 February 2012 | 2/28/2012

Erwin News - Try to implement these six things when you make coffee. Coffee flavor is guaranteed to be much more enjoyable

Almost everyone, both men and women love coffee. Especially in the rainy season like this, it must be delicious to drink coffee because it can warm the body.
But to get good coffee after brewing it turns out there is how you know. Let's look at 6 things to consider inmebuat coffee:
1. water quality
The quality of water to brew the coffee must be considered. If using tap water should be filtered first. Then look at the temperature of boiling water to the boil ideally should not be troubled if you use a coffeemaker.

2. Let stand 30 seconds.
After boiling water, leave the water for 30 seconds before adding or mixed with coffee.

3. Select coffee beans
You should buy coffee beans that have not been milled because it will get a more delicious flavor. If you buy already ground coffee will lose flavor and freshness. Then brewed coffee in coffeemaker or directly in a cup or mug for brewed coffee.

4. Use filter paper
Enter the coffee powder in a paper or metal filter inside a funnel coffeemaker, which is regulated through the glass or ceramic coffee pot.

5. Do not put in the refrigerator
Do not store coffee in the freezer or refrigerator, but keep at room temperature. Coffee flavor is also determined by storage. Room temperature can make a delicious taste of coffee and coffee can last for a week or more.

6. sprinkle salt
If you want a bitter taste in coffee is gone, sprinkle a little salt to the cup to give a better taste in your coffee. Serve and enjoy coffee while warm so as not to lose flavor and aroma.

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