Wrong Eating Habits and Solutions

Written By Erwin News on 08 November 2011 | 11/08/2011

Erwin News - Unwittingly, we often do not pay attention to the daily eating habits, such as busy in the office, you want a little pampering themselves by eating fatty foods. Or because I got home was a little late, you lesehan dinner while watching television.

Habits like this was very unfriendly for waist circumference could potentially make an alias of your body to be stretched. Not realizing the error, you also become more difficult to get rid of excessive fat deposits.

"Habits of the most dangerous is when we do not feel that it's something important," said dietitian Dawn Jackson Blatner, who is also author of The Flexitarian Diet.

"When people gain weight, they often do not think that they have done something very important, and it could be true. You do not need to do something big to gain weight 5 kg in a year."

But do not worry, if you are familiar with what you do, bad habits can still be repaired. See if you often do things below, and how to fix it.

Eating when not in focus
This may not sebahaya when you are driving while SMS's or staring at a giant screen on the side of the road. But eating while reading a magazine, or while browsing the Internet, will cause you do not control what goes into your mouth. When your attention is distracted, you tend to eat more than you need. It's not you realize until you spend it, because multi-tasking makes it difficult to detect a sense of satiety.

According to various studies, eating while doing other activities can cause a lack of satisfaction with the food consumed. As a result, you are encouraged to eat more.

The solution is simple: focus with your food while eating, and should be done on the dining table.

Eating while standing
Conditions are similar to what happens when you eat while watching television or while reading a book. For example, leaning back in the pantry eating, or while walking to a place because you want to save time.
According to Judith S. Beck, author of The Beck Diet: How to Think Like a Thin Person, you should not insert anything into your mouth when you stand or walk. Because, people tend to eat more and faster when standing or walking, than when sitting. Imagine when there is a shipment of cookies or donuts in the office, then your friends stormed into the dining table is presented. Fun is not, chat while constantly plucks cookies? As a result you do not realize how many calories you've entered your body.

The streets without a plan
When you suddenly want to spend the weekend in the Peak, then you set off in a state of stomach rumbles, it is likely you will stop at the rest area or fast food restaurant that you find along the way. "Eventually you eat something you'll regret later," said Karen Ansel, dietitian and spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association.
If the stomach is hungry, better bring some healthy snacks to eat on the go, such as fruits. Or, plan early on where or how you will fill the stomach. The most well hell, bring food from home itself.

No previous diet plan
We tend to decide what to eat when we were in front of the food court or a row of stalls. "By lunchtime, all of a sudden you're standing in front of food dish or refrigerator, and then try to decide what to eat and how much to eat," said Scott Kahan, director of George Washington University Weight Management Program in Washington, DC If you do not plan it, you tend to choose foods that look the most tempting.
Compare if you plan it in advance. "I want vegetables ah, this afternoon. Yesterday was eating meat!" so said when you were getting down from office. According to Kahan, custom diet plan will make it easier to eat healthier.

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