Vinegar Acid Therapy of Cervical Cancer Detection

Written By Erwin News on 08 October 2011 | 10/08/2011

Erwin News - Acetic acid was not only adds flavor in savory dishes, but also useful to detect early cervical cancer is easy and inexpensive. Early detection of cancer of the cervix with acetic acid method is called VIA (Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid). This method has been introduced since 1925 by Hans Hinselman from Germany, but the newly implemented around the year 2005.

Ministry of Health had already adopted it. This method is in addition to easy and cheap, also has a very high accuracy in detecting precancerous lesions or sores, which reached 90 percent.

Early detection by applying vinegar to 3-5 percent in the mouth of the womb (cervix) is not to be done by a doctor, but can be practiced by trained personnel such as midwives in health centers. And in about 60 seconds can already be seen if there is an abnormality, namely the emergence of a white plaque on the cervix. These white plaques may be aware as precancerous sores.

World Health Organization (WHO) has examined the application of IVA in India, Thailand, and Zimbabwe. Its effectiveness was not lower than the pap smear.

In addition to the same performance with other tests and the results can be immediately known, IVA also offers other advantages, that is practical, requiring only simple tools, and affordable.

Inke Maris, communications expert who is also cofounder of Cervical Cancer Prevention Initiative Indonesia (Ipkasi), said that many health centers are able to provide testing services IVA is a cost of about 15 thousand dollars.

"In fact, several regions have issued regulations that set a price of only five thousand dollars for IVA inspection," added Dr. Basalama Fatum, MSM, Head of Sub Directorate of Cancer. PPTM, Kemenkes RI.

There is discomfort when undergoing this therapy. Most women feel the sensation of cold and a little cramping, or sometimes feel warm spread on your upper body and face.

Ease in conducting the examination as well as pre-treatment if found to be wound is spurred to make See and Treat program more and more applied in a number of health centers. Expected with the IVA, will more and more women are covered by early detection of cervical cancer, so the incidence of this cancer can be derived.

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