Venezuela beat Argentina at the 2014 World Cup qualifiers

Written By Erwin News on 12 October 2011 | 10/12/2011

Erwin News - Surprises happen in the 2014 World Cup qualifying match between Argentina Venezeuela cons. Unexpectedly, defeated Argentina 0-1.

Argentina immediately kicked in the early minutes. Messi was given the space to unleash a shot from outside the penalty box. Unfortunately, the kick can still be dammed goalkeeper Venezuela, Vega. Minutes of the ninth, again Argentina had a chance. Cooperation between Rojo sweet, Sosa and Higuain almost found the net Vega. But still able to kick Higuain controlled by Vega.

Venezuela gets first chance in the 22nd minute. Rondon separated from the convoy defender Argentina. He gore a cross from the right side. Score has not changed because the header is still soar above the goal.

At the last minute, Venezuela almost changed the scoreboard. The 43rd minute, Argentine goalkeeper struggling to ward off a free kick Juan Aarngo. Extraordinary rescue of Andujar.

Both teams failed to score until the first half ended.

In the second half, Venezuela langusng pressing. Andujar re-create the brilliant rescue in the 52nd minute. He was able to ward off a hard kick from Arango. In the second half of this Andujar had to work hard to save his goal. The 61st minute, he again thwart Arango and produce kick corner kick.

Venezuela scored the goal from corner kick in the 61st minute. Is Amorebieta who managed to tear the nets Andujar with a header.

Although they conceded, Argentina could not retaliate. Even they were not able to make do penyelematan Venezuela goalkeeper. Although mengusai ball, but no harmful attacks. 1-0 score stood until the referee blew the long whistle.

The composition of players:

  • Vega, Rosales,  
  • Vizcarrondo, 
  • Amorebieta,  
  • Cichero,  
  • Lucena,  
  • Rincon,  
  • Arango,  
  • Gonzalez ( Alvarez 83 ' ),  
  • Rondon ( Feltscher 75' ), 
  • Fedor.   

  • Andujar, 
  • Burdisso, 
  • Demichelis, 
  • Otamendi, 
  • Zabaleta ( Banega 66' ), 
  • Sosa ( Palacio 75' )
  • Mascherano, 
  • Di Maria ( Pastore 84' )
  • Rojo, 
  • Messi, 
  • Higuain.

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