How to Choose Smart Cosmetics

Written By Erwin News on 12 October 2011 | 10/12/2011

Erwin News - Not a few fake cosmetics on the market. Women who could barely leave the dependence on the appliance must also be smart cosmetic selection.

Cosmetics advertisements tend to display the beauty and handsomeness an artist, as well as a tempting offer something that consumers are interested in buying it. Choosing cosmetics advertising information is only based on an act that is not objective.


There are five smart steps to choose cosmetics. That is by CLICK (Packaging, Label, authorization, usefulness and how to use, Expired).

Packaging :
  • Know well your cosmetic packaging.
  • Do not buy damaged packaging or preparation or ugly.
  • Elaborate packaging and containers, both physical appearance (the seal is broken or not) and content.
  • Products that are still good shape and the color evenly, stable, and there is no dirt spots. 

Make sure the label clearly stated and complete. Each cosmetics must include tagging / labels that include :

  • Product name.
  • Authorization number.
  • Number of batches / production code.
  • Name and address of manufacturer / importer / distributor.
  • Net and composition.
  • limit Expired.
  • Usability and how to use the Indonesian language, except for products that have been clear how to use them.

Marketing authorization :
  • See, whether cosmetic already has marketing authorization number?
  • Any cosmetic that will be circulated shall have the authorization number.

Use and How to Use :
  • Choose cosmetics that suit your needs and not for advertising alone. Read the first usability and how to use listed on the label (for products that have not been clear how to use them).

Expiration date : 
Remember, do not be until after expiration limit, check the expiration or manufacturing date before buying cosmetics.
  • Cosmetics with a stability of less than 30 months must include an expiration limit (at least in the months and years)
  • Cosmetics with a stability of more than 30 months may not include an expiration limit

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