Facebook Continues War in the Real World

Written By Erwin News on 12 October 2011 | 10/12/2011

Erwin News, TANJUNGPINANG - Starting from pertengakaran on social networking Facebook (FB), end up at the police station after Dw and SY at each other in places of entertainment, karaoke feeling confident, at around 2:00 pm, Tuesday (11/10). The fight was started from both making status in the network, thus making both reciprocal and emotion.

So that eventually the two women met at the Plaza Hotel and entertainment at each other. We met both the war and finally the mouth of the bag Dw hit Sy, Sy was only silence.

Dw got two punches from the shoulder, as he chewed make Sy was silent. But over time due to nagging Dw, finally Sy Sy provide resistance so as to make angry and hit back, fell to Dw. Dw is not received immediately report the incident to the Police Mount Bestari. Sy who feel no guilt in silence followed the officer who took him to the police station.

"I was a hit anyway, why I brought," said Sy with emotion as officers led.

At the police station Sy admitted surprise, because he felt himself a victim, but he is questioned by investigators. He said please ask witnesses, who hit first. After Dw help provide a statement at the police station, they finally agreed and signed the peace treaty at the police station.

According to the police chief Madan Alfis AKP, the incident stems from the FB and the problem persists when the two came face to face, but because both the victim and am equally willing to reconcile both of them we asked to make a statement so as not to repeat himself perbutan adverse own and other people's.

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