Too Sexy, Rihanna Irish Farmers Expelled

Written By Erwin News on 29 September 2011 | 9/29/2011

Erwin News -Other farmers may be happy when the land leased to be used as filming locations video clips caliber artist Rihanna. But for Alan Graham, a farmer from Bangor, Northern Ireland, this is just annoying. It's nothing, Alan was disturbed by the appearance of which he considered too sexy Rihanna.

Earlier this week, Rihanna and her crew deliberately chose a number of fields owned by Alan as a location for filming her new video for, "We Found Love". Known as a singer who is always looking sexy in this video was Rihanna wearing clothes that no less sensual.

Rihanna counted at least change clothes three times, and three are minimal clothing in the form of a bikini top with low jeans showing her underwear, a flannel shirt unbuttoned showing her bra, and loose tops with no subordinates at all.

Alan Graham, who was near the location for filming initially felt embarrassed by his appearance that he considered too sexy Rihanna, but she did not say anything. But as with cueknya Rihanna tops off his clothes, the farmer was furious. Driving a tractor, Alan approached and asked Rihanna to dress again. 

"In my opinion it's not worth it. I asked them to stop filming, and they complied. Then I explained my objection to Rihanna, we chatted briefly, and he understands that in our place, it is not accepted. We ended by shaking hands, "said Alan told the BBC. 

"This is my land, I have principles and I think that it's against my principles to do Rihanna. I do not hate Rihanna and her friends. Only, hopefully they can get closer to God, "continued Alan. 

So what happened after Alan and Rihanna shake hands? Is Rihanna filming continued with costumed closed? Apparently not.

 "After the incident, I asked them all right to end the filming and leave my land," said Alan.

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