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Written By Erwin News on 29 September 2011 | 9/29/2011

Erwin News -In the "Java Soulnation" 2011 and then, a band from the Netherlands became a guest star: Valerius. The band consists of brother and sister Kay (guitarist, vocalist) and Jesse (guitarist, vocalist), Georgy (drummer), Xander (bassist), and Jelte (keyboardist). Valerius inspired the name of a place name in the city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Valeriusplein.

Their single "Whenever" was written in just one day. The color of their unique vocals, guitar sound quality with bass and drum rhythms are harmonious and pleasant. Valerius had joined the European tour with the Jonas Brothers and the Life House.

On Wednesday (28 / 9) then, Yahoo Indonesia OMG opportunity to talk with Valerius when they visited the offices Yahoo! Indonesia. They were deeply touched by the greeting fans in Indonesia.

What are the advantages your music?
Jesse : I think every individual has their respective musical styles. We combine them, the emergence of "voice Valerius".

Brothers, his fellow men like fighting. How about you? Difficulties encountered when creating a song?
Kay : If among us there are problems with each other, we must immediately disclose it. Then the inevitable fights or discussions, but then if it is satisfied, all will be back as usual. We quite often really fighting, and it has become part of the process of creation of songs Valerius.

Who inspires you?
Jesse : If I still Michael Jackson and John Mayer.
Georgy : I think we combined all the musicians a variety of musical genres, ranging from jazz to hip hop.

When you look at the "Java Soulnation" 2011, Indonesia is there any musicians that you like?Raisa!Why?She was beautiful and he's very good. Actually he is the first Indonesian artist that we met. We also briefly met with the boy band Smash.

The first time to Indonesia? What do you know about this country? 

Xander : Yes this is our first time here. And all of us know much about Indonesia. Very many Indonesian people living in the Netherlands. Moreover, Indonesia's former Dutch colony. 
Jesse : Georgy had many friends of Indonesia in the Netherlands.Kay : We are all obligated to learn the history of Indonesia. We know a lot about Indonesia, but we never knew we had a lot of fans here.

What is your biggest challenge in this music industry? 

Kay : Continue to keep yourself still brilliant.Xander: Enhancing the music.

How do you face those challenges? 

Kay : Keep playing the music. And we are trying to focus.Jelte: Currently we are like the middle of climbing to the top of the mountain.

Dream the biggest, wildest dreams of Valerius in the musical career? 

Xander : tour round the world! Every year.

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