100 People Killed in Vietnam and Cambodia Killed by Flood

Written By Erwin News on 30 September 2011 | 9/30/2011

Erwin News, Hanoi - More than 100 people were killed in southern Vietnam and Cambodia's worst floods in the Mekong River within 11 years after heavy rains destroyed homes and forced thousands to flee.Situation worse could happen if Hurricane Nesat that killed at least 39 people in China this week and is expected to hit southern Vietnam, on Friday lowered further rain on the mainland led to the Mekong River overflowed.

Floods hit the fertile Mekong Delta which helps increase the price of rice rose in the three years in Vietnam this week, traders said, which would add to the problems of inflation. Delta produces more than half of Vietnam rice and 90 percent of rice that can be exported.

In Cambodia, 97 people died in flooding for several weeks.Now the more we are inundated 200,000 hectares of rice but we do not know how widespread the devastation of natural disasters, said Keo Vy, deputy director of the National Disaster Management Committee information,
Cambodia is a leading exporter of rice, but Vietnam is the world's second largest rice exporter after Thailand.In 2000, the worst floods in decades killed more than 480 people across the Delta region. The following year, more than 300 people terwas when the Mekong, whose length is 4.350km from the glaciers of Tibet to the rice-rich Delta southern Vietnam, overflowed.

About 150,000 families affected by floods in Cambodia this year and about 15,000 people evacuated to higher places tmpat, says Men Neart Sopheak, deputy secretary-general of the Cambodian Red Cross.In the area of ​​the river in Vietnam, at least nine people have died since the seasonal floods that hit the delta in August, said

disaster reports that province and the government.

Floods soak hampor almost 3800 homes and 700 people were evacuated in the province of An Giang and Can Tho city.

In some places the dikes burst its banks and washed away bridges and roads were under water due to massive flooding that accompanied the mud. Shrimp and fish production in some parts of the Delta was affected by the floods.

Flooding is expected to peak in Vietnam in early October. Flooding that had reached its peak in Cambodia and slowly recede, the Vietnamese government said on Friday.

The water reaches a height of 4.76 meters on Friday morning at the Tan Chau Vietnam sluice 0.26 meters above the danger level three, the most dangerous flood conditions that could inundate large areas and embankments will experience danger.

Flooding in the estimate will peak at 4.9 meters on Sunday, the government said. The height of five feet of water can drown the single-story houses, which usually occurs in the Delta in southern Vietnam.Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai urged the provincial authorities to evacuate residents from dangerous areas, speed up the rice harvest and close more schools to prevent casualties.

Approximately 5,000 hectares of paddy crop in the Delta's third submerged when flood embankments causing collapse in the provinces of Dong Thap and An Giang, and 90,000 hectares are threatened.Nearly 600,000 hectares of rice area menenam now, which teruyama for domestic consumption and only five percent has been harvested, the agriculture ministry said.

In Thailand, the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation said 180 people died from flooding since mid-July due to Nock-Ten tropical storms and hurricanes musimm.

Two million people in 23 provinces affected by flooding with 2.4 million acres of farmland submerged. The officials said the rice was harvested earlier in some areas, which may reduce results. Floods also hit the city of Chiang Mai, yag much visited by tourists, and buttress root circumference of flash and landslides occurred inareas around the city due to rising water levels in the Ping river, officials said.

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