Liwa earthquake in West Lampung, Indonesia

Written By Erwin News on 09 August 2012 | 8/09/2012

Re tremor felt in Liwa, West Lampung (underlayer) and the surrounding area, Thursday (09/08/2012) morning. Vibration occurred at 09.00 am for approximately six seconds

A resident of Village Way Confess, Sugianto, said the area is often experienced tremor. "It's not really felt if we are in a state of activity," said Sugianto to (Tribune Network), Thursday (08/09/2012). 

According to him, about three days ago in the early morning quake was also felt vibrations occur in a few seconds. 

"It may be the vibrations of earthquakes in other areas close to the West Lampung," he said.
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Prepare 110 Intel Ultrabook Design for Year 2013

Processor manufacturers from the United States, Intel Corporation, has set up 110 variants planned ultrabook design present in the market in 2013.

 "When the (operation) Computex, they (computer manufacturers) demonstrate that the design with new features," said Director of Business Development Strategy Intel Indonesia, Harry K.

Nugraha, on the sidelines of a meeting with reporters in Jakarta on Wednesday night. Harry said the new designs that include interactive features such as touch screen and voice recognition and security features like anti-theft with data encryption. "Its growth will bring the product ultrabook tablet experience. We also set up there (hybrid products)," said Harry.

Computer manufacturer, according to Harry, further architectural design that Intel has been created by adding excellent features such as display each picture or sound quality. Related to the presence of a 10-inch ultrabook, Harry said the product is not in the market while Intel estimates that the trend of slim computer will still dominate the market. "Maybe the size is too small (for ultrabook), but the principle Ultrabook Intel architecture can be used for any size," he said.

 He said the computer manufacturer can create ultrabook 10 inches to the consumer if the potential market is huge. Intel processors are used in products on the market that is Ultrabook Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5, and Intel Core i7.
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Video Chat feature Owned Apple sued

The number of lawsuits against Apple continues to grow in Asia. A Taiwan national, Li Zhengdao, filed a lawsuit against Apple in a court of Zhenjiang, China, Wednesday (08/08/2012). Zhengdao is disputed by FaceTime feature. This feature allows antarpengguna mobile devices and Apple computers to make video chatting over an Internet connection. According Zhendao, FaceTime violate any patent, a technology using voice communication to a personal digital assistant. This patent has been registered in China, on behalf of Taiwan in 2003 ago, then approved by the local regulator in 2004. Mrs. Lin Zhengdao as counsel, said his client had seen it since long patent infringement. Until finally, he ventured to file a lawsuit. "FaceTime has violated Apple's patents. We just want them to stop breaking," said Mrs. Lin. Last July, Apple has just completed a patent dispute iPad trademark has been registered by the company Proview Technology in China in 2001. In order to get a trademark for the iPad tablet, Apple is willing to pay the settlement 60 million dollars to the Proview. In Taiwan, the university also filed a lawsuit against Apple in the U.S.. According to the university, the voice command feature on the iPhone 4S Siri infringed his patent. There are other motives behind the lawsuit, which is an effort to counter Apple's often a patent lawsuit filed to the Taiwan-based electronics company.
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6 ways to make coffee more delicious

Written By Erwin News on 28 February 2012 | 2/28/2012

Erwin News - Try to implement these six things when you make coffee. Coffee flavor is guaranteed to be much more enjoyable

Almost everyone, both men and women love coffee. Especially in the rainy season like this, it must be delicious to drink coffee because it can warm the body.
But to get good coffee after brewing it turns out there is how you know. Let's look at 6 things to consider inmebuat coffee:
1. water quality
The quality of water to brew the coffee must be considered. If using tap water should be filtered first. Then look at the temperature of boiling water to the boil ideally should not be troubled if you use a coffeemaker.

2. Let stand 30 seconds.
After boiling water, leave the water for 30 seconds before adding or mixed with coffee.

3. Select coffee beans
You should buy coffee beans that have not been milled because it will get a more delicious flavor. If you buy already ground coffee will lose flavor and freshness. Then brewed coffee in coffeemaker or directly in a cup or mug for brewed coffee.

4. Use filter paper
Enter the coffee powder in a paper or metal filter inside a funnel coffeemaker, which is regulated through the glass or ceramic coffee pot.

5. Do not put in the refrigerator
Do not store coffee in the freezer or refrigerator, but keep at room temperature. Coffee flavor is also determined by storage. Room temperature can make a delicious taste of coffee and coffee can last for a week or more.

6. sprinkle salt
If you want a bitter taste in coffee is gone, sprinkle a little salt to the cup to give a better taste in your coffee. Serve and enjoy coffee while warm so as not to lose flavor and aroma.
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Usefulness of Aloe Vera

Erwin News - Aloe vera, it contains many nutrients needed by the body. Components to form a gel which is mostly water reached 99.5% of the total, and total dissolved solids with only 0.49%, 0.067% fat, carbohydrates 0.043%, 0.038% protein, vitamins, 0.49%, 3.476 mg vitamin C (Furnawanthi , 2002). While the high nutrient content in it is vitamin C.

Here are some of the content of aloe vera and its benefits:

Reducing sugar in the blood.

One of the substances contained in the aloe vera is the aloe emodin, an organic compound from the group antrokuinon signals that activate the insulin levels of insulin-like perceiving and beta-substrat1, phosphatidyl inositol-3 kinase and increased the rate of glycogen synthesis by inhibiting glycogen synthase kinase 3beta, so very useful for reducing blood sugar ratio. In addition, according to Ayurveda, traditional Indian medicine, the benefits of aloe vera have been hypoglycemic. Which can reduce blood glucose (blood sugar) in people with diabetes.

Antiseptic drugs & medicine burns

Aloe vera plant leaves and roots contain saponins and flavonoids, in addition to the leaves contain tannins and polyphenols (Hutapea, 2000). These saponins have the ability as an effective cleanser that menyembuhakan open wounds, while the tannins can be used as a precaution against infection of the wound because of its antiseptic and burn treatment. Flavonoids and polyphenols have activity as an antiseptic (Harborne, 1987).

Bat flushers
Because aloe latex (yellow juice extracted from the outer layer of leaves) contain molecules with a strong laxative effect (called "anthranoids"), the plants can be effective in cases of constipation. These benefits are also recognized by the WHO and shown in several studies.

Regeneration of the skin
Rich in antioxidants (flavonoids, vitamin C, beta-carotene), aloe vera has anti-aging will. A study conducted in Turkey, 2009, showed that aloe vera can help to regenerate skin tissue. Moreover, it can diminish scars and lines white lines / red due to pregnancy or strecth marks, treating minor cuts and scratches from the knife cut and fade the black spots on the skin.

Helps digestion
Studies have shown aloe vera gel to repel and destroy toxins and other foreign material that is usually attached to the intestine. Toxins and foreign substances that attach to the gut is very dangerous because it results in the accumulation of waste that can block the intestinal tract and reduces the body's ability to absorb nutrients. Benefits of aloe vera is to eliminate waste and help in the setting of acid. This can prevent you from suffering from indigestion and can also cleanse the blood and improve circulation to normal.
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